Pension Projection

Enter your details below to run a pension projection to your selected retirement age.

If you are member of the scheme you should logon to our member online system as it has a projector that will take into account your current fund value. You can login here or register here.


Member and Employer contributions are based on a basic weekly pension contribution rate of 7% of the average basic Craft and Construction Operative wage rate, which may be higher or lower than your current earnings. This may not be sufficient to provide you with your desired level of income in retirement. By paying additional voluntary contributions (AVCs), you can top up your pension and increase the amount of cash that you can take at retirement. Paying AVCs is relatively simple, no additional charges are applied and tax relief is currently applied at your marginal rate of income tax.

You can use this projection tool to run different scenarios to show the impact of AVC contributions on your projected fund value, once you have submitted the details above you can click on the 'back' link to run a new scenario.